Haiti Artisan Collective is a collective of independent companies, manufactured in Haiti, brought to the US marketplace.

change lives in haiti with us.

Support the Collective with the purchase of a box!

The Purchase of the Collective Box will go towards our efforts at Atlanta Market, a wholesale show where we are able to get our products, the products of our artisans in front of thousands of retailers from all over the country.

We have three tiers for purchasing the Collective Box and supporting our efforts.

We are allowing you to choose how you would like to financially support the collective with your purchase. Each box is the same, but we are allowing you to choose your level of support.

$100 = 10% off a purchase on each brand's website

$250 = 20% off a purchase on each brand's website

$500 = 25% off a purchase on each brand's website

  • Cedar and Cypress

    Cedar & Cypress Designs partners with independent artisans in Haiti. Through your purchase and support, we are in turn able to purchase and support our artisan partners in Haiti. This is a sustainable process of employment-a social enterprise business model.

    Shop with Cedar and Cypress 
  • Rosies Boutique

    Rosie's exists to promote 100% Haitian handmade goods. We specialize in hand stitched greeting cards + home decor. Our team of mamas is empowered through their employment and we strive to grow this marketplace because we have seen firsthand that the more opportunities we can create provides stability to a family, which also creates less room for abandonment, hunger and pain.

    Shop with Rosies 
  • Papillon Marketplace

    Papillon Marketplace is a part of the justice movement to protect vulnerable children in Haiti. We seek to give parents sustainable and meaningful jobs in Haiti so that they can raise their children well and not have them end up in orphanages or other vulnerable situations. The 200 + artisans that we work with use recycled and indigenous materials to create beautiful steel drum art, pottery, jewelry and more. We belong to the Fair Trade Federation and stand by all of the principles of fair trade.

    Shop with Papillon 
  • 2nd Story Goods

    2nd Story Goods employs makers in Haiti to create home goods and accessories from locally-sourced & upcycled materials. We pay a living wage for makers to craft baskets, jewelry, leather bags, journals, tableware, and more because we believe that you should feel good about the impact your purchases have on people and the planet.

    Shop with 2nd Story 
  • Gift of Hope

    Offering mothers and children the confidence, dignity, andhopeto remain a family. Poverty should not create orphans.

    Shop with Gift of Hope 
  • Avanti Coffee

    Avanti's premium coffee beans are grown on the mountaintops along the southern peninsula of Haiti.  Our all-organic farming methods and meticulous picking, drying and roasting, creates high quality coffee beans.  Avanti Coffee Company was established to revitalize the land and economy of a humble mountain village after a hurricane destroyed generational farms leaving the villagers without their livelihoods.  Our direct trade model allows your coffee to have greater purpose. 

    Sip Avanti Coffee, knowing that what keeps you going also keeps families united and empowered to thrive in the remote village of Chambellan, Haiti.

    Shop with Avanti 
  • GOEX Apparel

    GOEX Apparel is a fair trade enterprise sustaining fair wage apparel jobs in Haiti. The entire GOEX collection is sewn in Haiti using sustainable USA fabrics for maximum transparency and a small carbon footprint. These are
    garments and accessories you can feel great about wearing!

    Shop with Go Ex 
  • Deux Mains

    Deux Mains means "two hands" in French—because there is an Master Haitian craftsman behind every piece we produce. From gorgeous handbags and artisan sandals to handcrafted jewelry from responsibly sourced materials, we believe you should have access to luxury fashion pieces that are sustainable and align with your values.

    Shop with Deux Mains 
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